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Our clients are long term customers of ours and they have told us why they love coming back to us. They love how simple the process is and how straightforward we are when it comes to their products.. Putting our clients first would be an understatement.


We follow a simple 5 step process from getting your project information to delivering your final project to you I timely matter. We go more in depth of what the steps are and how they work and benefit you below.

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At Masitects we believe in free estimates. We come from a budget friendly background of designers, engineers and architects so we all understand how important an estimate is for your project.


Our quote form is easy to use, we only ask a few essential questions. Just enough for our expert project managers to give you the best estimate for your project needs in the shortest amount of time.


We highly recommend sharing as many project files as possible with us as well. All project file submission are highly confidential and secure following our privacy policy. Most file formats are welcome but we do recommend DWG (or other vector based file types), PDF,  3DSmax, Sketchup, Revit, and many others. 

At minimum we suggest sending all appropriate floor plans, roof plans, elevations and site plans that are relevant to your project needs.


This also is a great time to share what type of files for the rendering you are looking for. (.jpeg, .png, .targa, .pdf) Dont know which ones are the best? We will end up sending you the ones we recommend the most for your project. 


Lastly, let us know what the resolution you are looking for on your final renders. Note that very high resolutions can slightly increase rendering costs but is necessary for large marketing efforts such as large projected presentations, and if the rendering is being used on a billboard for promotional purposes.

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contract agreement

The contract agreement will be sent out with the estimate for you as the client to understand all the services we are performing for your project. This also helps you better understand the information we will need for our team to perform at its best. The information includes but is not limited to: requests for extra information on plans and elevations, agreement on perspective views to be rendered, preliminary info on materials wanted for the scene.


This contract must be signed and a small deposit will need to be paid before any work will be started.



One of the many architectural rendering services we offer is 3D modeling of your project. If your project is only in CAD, or 2D form, our 3D modeling services will be perfect for you as well. Our rendering fees/quotes include 3D modeling. No mater the size of your project being modeled and if it is an interior or exterior model needed, we can transform your 2D CAD information into a working 3D model for rendering.


During this process it is important to send as many documents needed for us to properly understand your project. This will also decrease the lead time for our team to have the model ready in the shortest amount of time possible.


Also within this part of the process we understand that not all 2D CAD plans and elevations don’t perfectly translate into the 3D model you envisioned, that is why we also give you up to 2 additional revisions at no extra cost. As long as the original plans, and elevations were not drastically changed from your initial contract agreement. We want to make sure we get your project right and that you are completely satisfied.



The rendering process is the bread and butter of Masitects. This is also where your project starts to come to life. We have in place an easy to work with, collaborative effort to get the right graphics looking their best for the final product.

Our first step is to get an agreement on the perspective views you are looking for. To speed this step up a very simple vignette on a plan of where these views you would like to see will help a lot. We also recommend noting your views, wormseye, eye level, or birdseye. If you are not sure where you want your views setup at, we will find the best looking options for you to approve on.

The second step is to get preliminary, detailed, digital material samples for our team to start creating your materials the best we can. If there is a specific Pantone of paint color you want to use, fabric, roofing, texture, etc, either note this over the 3D views we agreed upon or in a document. (We LOVE material spec sheets!) If you are not sure how to spec out a specific type of marble finish for example, send us a digital material sample such as an image.


We will start sending renderings with the materials you asked for initially to you for approval. If the material choice is a bit off such as the paint color, sky and horizon, or the metal sheen on the metal panel, let us know.


Just like the 3D modeling process we also have  revisions to this step to get your visions perfectly as long as their is no drastic deviations from the original scope of work.

Final Hi-Res Product


This is by far our favorite step in the process. Where all our teams hard and dedicated work shows to help impress your client, investor, or marketing efforts. The final Hi-Res Product is part of the last step in rendering, although in this step we work out post processing magic and add entourage.


Once this is complete we will send you a watermarked, low resolution, rendered views for your approval. When we receive your approval we will send out the final invoice minus the initial retainer fee. Lastly, once payment is received all watermarks, and renderings in high resolution quality will be sent directly to you in the previously approved file types and resolutions.


get a quote for your next project

Have a current project you are working on or a future project that may need renderings for you to amaze your client with? Is there a design competition you are trying to come out on top with? We can help! Start by requesting a quote from us. Its free!

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