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Exterior Rendering Services That You’ll Need in 2023 And How They Visualize Buildings

Exterior rendering services are one of the best services that rendering companies provide to help visualize your project. One of our most commonly asked questions is whether we offer exterior rendering services. And the answer is yes! To put simply, exterior renderings are renderings of the outside of a building.

To break it down further, 3D exterior renderings can either be commercial or residential developments. However, they can also include aerials and streetscapes. They also can be classified as new construction or renovations, which we will talk about later.

Exterior Multi-Family Homes Rendering
Exterior Multi-family Homes


Up first, are commercial exterior renderings. They vary in scale, purpose, and complexity. To identify a project as commercial, we describe it broadly as a larger scaled project or building. For instance, we would identify offices, apartments, retail stores, restaurants, and hotels, as commercial developments.

Exterior rendering services with these types of buildings, fluctuate in complexity and delivery, depending on the building and purpose. Whether the rendering is of a hotel or office building, we always consider what the goal of the rendering is. And with varying goals, we always try to accentuate certain details in each of the renderings.

Exterior Rendering Services Achieve Different Goals

For example, we may focus very heavily on the “look”, or facade of a new innovative downtown office building. The reason for this, may be that the city really cares about how it appears to not only tourists, but its fellow neighboring buildings and tenants. Or it may be that the city has a certain design it wants to stay within, in that particular area.

But on the other hand, with a hotel rendering, we would put more focus on the amenities and guests enjoying them. The reason for this is that the hotel developer wants to ensure that guests are yearning to come there for their next trip. This will also help the owner drive more business before even opening the doors.

Downtown Exterior Commercial Building Rendering
Exterior Commercial Building Rendering

Now, another question we get often is about apartment complexes. While you may think that it is a residential classification, it is the opposite. It is actually commercial, because it is a large-scale building. We do this because the scale influences the time it takes to render the building, and therefore also influences price. For example, it is going to take much more time to render a 10-story apartment building, than it will to render a 2-floor multi-family home.


There are also many different types of residential properties as well. This includes single family homes, multi-family homes (condominiums or townhouses), tiny-homes, and so on. Exterior rendering services are much more similar in this arena, as the purpose and scale is usually smaller. Now, there are times when single-family homes can be much larger, but it does not affect our ability to deliver.

With the current housing market, many developers are constructing new residential developments. While this is great for the economy, it affects much more than that. In order for the town committee to approve the project, developers can use renderings. Developers need to show how buildings are put together or look next to each other: this is when we streetscapes or aerials.

Masitects Exterior Single Family Homes Streetscape
Exterior Single Family Homes Streetscape

Renovations & Additions

There are also times where it may not be fully new construction. A smaller sect of exterior residential renderings that we often produce are for renovations and additions on homes. When someone may be renovating their home or adding more space, they usually want to see how their changes will look beforehand. Therefore, it is really helpful to have an exterior rendering of the newly imagined space. This way it will also help visualize the addition against the existing home.

Lastly, exterior rendering services can also help with HOAs. With the idea of a residential development, exterior renderings help the community board visualize the development before finalizing the architectural guidelines themselves. It also comes in handy when the guidelines in place are strict, as a rendering could help get a new guideline changed or approved (privacy fences, landscaping, siding, etc.).

Purpose of Receiving Exterior Rendering Services

So now that we have identified what they are, now we need to know why they are needed. There are quite a few reasons as to why someone would request exterior rendering services for their project.

One reason is that real estate agents and developers can use these renderings to sell future homes. While taking a picture of a building and selling it is great, this can be difficult when the building is only in the planning phases. This is where an exterior rendering can come into play. We are able to take the initial drawings and elevations, and create a photorealistic rendering before construction begins. This is helpful so that the homes can be sold sooner rather than later.

Another reason someone may request exterior rendering services, is that they may be using it for visualization purposes. What we mean by this, is that the consumer may want to visualize their own future home before it is built. We have had multiple customers come to us in the past, hoping to see their home as they cannot wait for construction to finish. This also helps them to finalize their designs and save money in the long-run.

Masitects Single Family Exterior Rendering
Single Family Exterior Rendering


Now, that was a lot to take in. So, overall, let's talk about the many benefits that exterior rendering services can provide. The biggest advantage is that it visually helps everyone involved as it creates something that was once intangible, tangible. This, in turn, helps do a few things.

  1. Increase sales before construction of the development.

  2. Speed up the approval by clients as they will be visually seeing the final design.

  3. It takes away all of the guessing and builds confidence in all stakeholders.

  4. It motivates everyone to see completion of the project; whether that is the council approving the project or the client making final design decisions.

From Start to Finish

Something else to mention is the process of using our exterior renderings services. And to put it quite simply, our streamlined process makes it super easy! All we need are the plans and elevations of your project so that we can begin modeling. We can get an initial proof to you within 5-7 business days. From there, we will get ideas of your design with materials, and have you approve it along the way. Soon enough, you will have a photorealistic exterior rendering.

These Services Are For YOU!

Whether your project is large or small, residential or commercial, we would be honored to help. It is our main goal to make sure that we can bring your big ideas to life, in a visually realistic way. Our exterior rendering services are unlimited and have been proven to be exquisite, yet affordable. Our team is extremely talented and has the knowledge to knock your project out of the park.

We look forward to creating high-quality 3D exterior renderings for you. Contact us today to get your project started!


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