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Commercial Renderings

Commercial renderings are visualizations of a commercial building, such as an office space, retail store, restaurant, or business park. These can be further specified as either interior or exterior. At Masitects, we specialize in all of these and will deliver top-notch renderings for you and your client.

Interior Commercial Renderings

Interior commercial renderings are renderings of the inside of a commercial space. Whether it is restaurant, retail store, hotel, or office space, a commercial rendering can make all the difference. Interior commercial renderings allow owners to market their new spaces and showcase the functioning of the space to get new customers excited. 

Hotel Lobby Rendering

Hotel Lobby - New York, NY

Coworking Office Space Rendering

Co-working Area- 

Chicago, IL

Banquet Hall Rendering

Event Space- Chicago, IL

Hotel Restaurant Rendering

Hotel Restaurant - Atlanta, GA

Conference Room Rendering

Conference Room- Gary, IL

Boho Coffee Bar Rendering

Coffee Shop - Irvine, California

Why Commercial Renderings

Commercial renderings offer a multitude of benefits for many professions. We often get requests from developers, hoping to display their vision to the public about their new development. To take a step back, other times, commercial renderings are very helpful in getting a development approved by the board and the community. One of the best ways to get a community to understand what you are trying to build, is by simply showing them. However, this can be difficult if the building is not yet constructed. We have helped multiple builders and developers do exactly this. 

We have also seen that our commercial renderings have been useful to architecture firms. While some firms are able to do this in house, if you do not have the manpower, outsourcing is a great way to get this done. We are a great resource to help your clients see their future commercial building. 

Get a FREE quote for your INterior COMMERCIAl renderings today!

Exterior Commercial Renderings

Exterior commercial renderings are renderings of any type of large-scale building that has a commercial purpose (or is a large residential development). As you may see when driving downtown, developers often use these types of renderings to showcase what the new building will look like for the community. They are also used to secure investment funding, get projects approved, and are used for marketing efforts.

Apartment Rendering

Mixed-Use Apartment & Retail

Exterior Apartment Rendering

Modern Apartments

Exterior Commercial Rendering

Large Office & Residential

Exterior Restaurant Rendering

The Feed Pub in

the Evening

Exterior Apartment Rendering

Downtown Hotel

at Night

Exterior Restaurant Rendering

Twin Peaks Restaurant

Interested in Pricing?

We have a free pricing guide for all types of projects. If you are interested, you can download our free case study with priced-out projects. This will help give you an estimate of how much your project may cost. 

Masitects Case Study Pricing List
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