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Exterior Renderings

Exterior renderings are simply visuals of the exterior of a building. These can be defined as either residential or commercial. Exterior renderings have multiple factors such as building materials, lighting, and landscaping, that make every rendering unique.

Exterior Residential Renderings

Exterior residential renderings are typically homes, which tend to be either single-family homes or smaller-scaled multi-family homes. Once they are larger multi-family home developments, we would consider them to be commercial projects. With an exterior residential rendering, we can also do a streetscape or aerial, to showcase multiple homes next to each other.

Exterior Single Family Home Rendering

Single Family - Charlotte, NC

Exterior Multiple Family Home Rendering

Multi-family - 

Chicago, IL

Exterior Single Family Home Rendering

Single Family - Wilmington, NC

Exterior Multiple Family Residential Rendering

Multi-family - Schaumburg, IL

Exterior Single Family Home Rendering

Streetscape- Charlotte, NC

Exterior Multiple Family Home Rendering

Streetscape - Chicago, IL

Why Exterior Renderings

There are so many benefits to getting exterior renderings. Depending on your profession, or what your project is for, we would love to break it down for you. Interior renderings are advantageous because they are great for marketing purposes. Whether you are a real estate agent, developer, or owner, it is important to be able to sell the space. Customers may have a difficult time visualizing a space before it is decorated with furniture or even built. Hence the reason why a 3D interior rendering can be extremely helpful.


Exterior renderings are also good for helping with external material and design choices. Making these decisions before the construction starts can help save lots of time and money. 

The nice thing with 3D exterior renderings, is that we can get very specific with our software with how we want to display the building. For example, we can precisely show how the building will look at different times of day. This is where a photorealistic rendering truly differs from flat architectural drawings and plans. For instance, the building will look very different in the morning on an east-facing street, than it would in the afternoon on a south-facing street. At Masitects, we take the specifications of directions and what time of day to make sure the rendering is displayed in a way that is perfect for the client. 

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Exterior Commercial Renderings

Exterior commercial renderings are renderings of any type of large-scale building that has a commercial purpose (or is a large residential development). 

Apartment Rendering

Mixed-Use Apartment & Retail

Exterior Apartment Rendering

Modern Apartments

Exterior Commercial Rendering

Large Office & Residential

Exterior Restaurant Rendering

The Feed Pub in

the Evening

Exterior Apartment Rendering

Downtown Hotel

at Night

Exterior Restaurant Rendering

Twin Peaks Restaurant

Interested in Pricing?

We have a free pricing guide for all types of projects. If you are interested, you can download our free case study with priced-out projects. This will help give you an estimate of how much your project may cost. 

Masitects Case Study Pricing List
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