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About the Founders


Travis Masters, CEO

Travis is the founder and CEO of Masitects, LLC. He founded the company in 2018. His love for architecture began in high school as he loved the idea of putting a design together and seeing it come to life. His background includes an advanced bachelor's degree from Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago, Il. He began his career by working at a large aviation architecture firm in Chicago and gained much experience but decided the corporate world confined his creativity. He then began Masitects, LLC to help architects, real estate agents, developers, and engineers see their visions come to life with photorealistic 3d renderings. Travis has a true passion in this industry and is ecstatic when his customers are beaming with the renderings they receive. 


Brandee Masters, COO

Brandee recently joined the firm, as business has been growing substantially. So much to the point that Travis needed someone to take on daily tasks, office administration, and marketing to help on the backend of things. Brandee's background taps more into the personal side of things, as her degree is in Psychology and Counseling. She has had years of experience in customer-relations and is working hard to make sure that all of Masitects' clients are satisfied with the service they receive.

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