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Residential Renderings

Residential renderings are visualizations of residential properties, such as single-family homes and multi-family homes. Within this, there are multiple areas that can be rendered, whether it is interior or exterior. 

Exterior Residential Renderings

Exterior residential renderings are typically homes, which tend to be either single-family homes or smaller-scaled multi-family homes. Once they are larger multi-family home developments, we would consider them to be commercial projects. With an exterior residential rendering, we can also do a streetscape or aerial, to showcase multiple homes next to each other.

Exterior Single Family Home Rendering

Single Family - Charlotte, NC

Exterior Multiple Family Home Rendering

Multi-family - 

Chicago, IL

Exterior Single Family Home Rendering

Single Family - Wilmington, NC

Exterior Multiple Family Residential Rendering

Multi-family - Schaumburg, IL


Multi-Family Charlotte, NC

Exterior Multiple Family Home Rendering

Streetscape - Chicago, IL

Why Residential Renderings

Residential renderings have many benefits. Ultimately, they help the client visualize the end product of either a new construction home or renovation. Whether you are a real estate agent or developer, it is important to be able to sell the building. And if you are a new homeowner, this is a great way to decide the finishing details and show off your new home to friends and family! 

The nice thing with 3D residential renderings, is that we can nail down every part of the design. Whether you are going for a modern look, a french country design, a traditional style, or post modern feel, we can do exactly that. With our photorealistic renderings, our clients feel like they are directly standing in front of the house, looking at every single detail.

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Interior Residential Renderings

Interior residential renderings are renderings of the interior of a home. These include living rooms, kitchens, dining rooms, home offices, closets, hallways and staircases and any type of flex spaces (lofts, home gyms, etc.). 

Interior Living Room Rendering

Living Areas

Interior Dining Room Rendering

Dining Areas

Interior Kitchen Rendering


Interior Closet Rendering


Mas Int Bedroom 03.jpg


Masitects-Interior-Rendering (5).jpg


Interested in Pricing?

We have a free pricing guide for all types of projects. If you are interested, you can download our free case study with priced-out projects. This will help give you an estimate of how much your project may cost. 

Masitects Case Study Pricing List
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