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Commercial Architectural Renderings: 6 Reasons They Are Needed

Commercial architectural renderings are visualizations that can help with any commercial project. There are many stages within a commercial project where commercial architectural renderings are used.

When implementing a project that is bound to positively impact a community, it must be a priority that the project is visualized better than the client had initially imagined. Commercial architectural renderings allow businesses to illustrate their vision practically for the following reasons.

1. Getting the Project Approved

As stated, there are multiple stages to every project. The first phase typically is the planning and approval stage. This is the stage where the developer is planning what the function of the building will be. They also determine where it will be located, how it will be funded, and how it will be constructed. When presenting a project to the city or county, it is important to have everything decided early on. You also want to make sure you are prepared to SELL it to the committee.

Something that can help sell a building or project to the committee would be commercial architectural renderings. Having these makes it much easier for the committee to see how the building will look on the street, how it will function, and how it may impact the surrounding community. These renderings will also make the committee much more excited because they will be visually seeing it, rather than just hearing an idea.

2. Easier Investment Partners

Besides board members, other individuals are involved that need convincing as well. Commercial architectural renderings will also allow investors to agree to the project and invest in it with a clear mind. Renderings can easily be used in a pitch deck to finalize said investments. Sometimes investors may love an idea but may need to visualize it to be completely on board.

Imagine this. Someone comes up to you with a business idea for ending world hunger and they are asking you to invest in their future company. Great idea, but hard to visualize. A business plan, marketing plan, market research, etc., would help give you a better understanding of this and would be a great investment to be a part of. This short story is exactly the same when pitching your building project.

There is also nothing worse than investing in a building or project design and not having any pre-opening revenue coming in. They generate revenue before the groundbreaking phase or they bring in angel investors to help cover the cost of the construction. If you plan on going the angel investor route, you have an 82% better chance of closing the deal with commercial architectural renderings.

3. Finalizing Construction Loans

Once the city or county has approved the project and you have funding, it moves onto the bidding and construction phases. This is where many projects spend the "big bucks''. In these phases, the partners are appointed, pre-construction meetings begin, and the developer’s pockets start to drain. Something to think about, is that you may also need a construction loan.

However, many construction loans require final construction documents to acquire a construction loan estimate. Waiting for the construction documents to be finished is a drastic loss of time, and the project could end up costing more. Commercial architectural renderings are the only way to create a visual example of what the final will look like to help close those final deals, or possible loans you are trying to acquire.

Check with your local bank to see if detailed commercial architectural renderings would help you with your construction loan on your next project.

4. Pre-selling = More Revenue

Next, it is very important to consider how to sell the units. If the project is an apartment or condo, strip mall, or office building, the seller can pre-sell those spaces before construction starts. This, in turn, will create more revenue before even turning the lights on!

But, how will you sell them if they are not even built? With commercial architectural renderings, they allow the company the opportunity to market their project before the first day of opening.

5. Market, market, market!

The way that businesses usually market their project is through social media. It can be easy to talk about a project, but sealing the deal comes with visualizations. Renderings are easily used on social media platforms. They can also be beneficial for other marketing material as well, such as brochures and flyers.

6. Finalizing the Design

One last thing commercial architectural renderings can help with, is to help finalize the design plans. While the project manager may have a certain vision, it may look different when actually applied. With renderings, we can implement all the materials and finalize how the project will officially look.

Sometimes, the project manager may decide that something else may fit better and may need to change the design. Renderings can help the manager make these decisions sooner, and before the construction begins on the building physically. This can save THOUSANDS of dollars and time on every project.

This also applies to unexpected issues with the design. Commercial architectural renderings can help to identify any potential issues that may arise before construction starts.

Whether this is your first project or 100th project, Masitects is willing to help bring your dreams to a physical visualization through our rendering services. We know how important it is to market your project and be seen as top-grade.

This is why we take matters into our own hands to make sure that your project is our priority. Contact us today to schedule a consultation or get a quote for your next rendering.


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