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How 3D Real Estate Renderings Can Increase Real Estate Sales

Do you know why you may need real estate renderings for your next project? There are multiple marketing tactics that real estate agents can use to improve their sales. Some examples ranges from brochures, a great website, to making connections. Another tactic may be that the selling agent hosts an open house when a new house goes up for sale. This gets buyers through the door and gets them to visualize their lives in the house realistically.

Residential Real Estate Renderings

But what happens when you are trying to sell a house that may not even be built? How can you get the client to truly visualize themselves in a house that is not a physical structure yet? A concept known as real estate renderings may be what you are looking for.

As buyers, we have difficulty buying into a concept or idea when we can not physically see what the final product will look like. Imagine if I told you I had a car for sale with nice seats, was shaped like a usual car, and drove smoothly. Would you buy it?

The same goes for houses. I could tell you that I have a house for sale that is not built yet, it has four bedrooms, is open concept and has a large eat-in kitchen…would you buy it without seeing it? Could you simply go off of the floor plans? Most likely not! And this is where a 3d rendering comes into play.

What Are Real Estate Renderings?

Architectural rendering is the process of taking said floor plans and elevations, and making them into a 3d visualization. Real estate renderings allow you to sell a concept or vision before it is even made in real life. Doing so can set you apart from the competition. While your competitors are only selling the physical structures, they are missing approximately 15% of the market, according to the National Association of Realtors.

Interior Real Estate Renderings

Real estate renderings also offer your client a personalized experience as there are multiple ideas it can portray. For example, if you would like to illustrate that a young family would be the best type of client for a particular house, you could choose to furnish a room with nursery items and an outdoor space with a trampoline.

However, if you would like to market the house to a young bachelor, the rendering could showcase a lavish entertaining space with exclusive features. All these small details in a rendering help your buyer emotionally connect to the property.

Why Should The Buyer Have An Emotional Connection?

Once the buyer has made an emotional connection, this does three things.

  1. They will feel more confident in their purchase. Having confident buyers means there is more security in what you are selling.

  2. They will be less sensitive to the price. The client is much more likely to follow through with the sale.

  3. It will be difficult for them not to say, “I need this house!” which is what every real estate agent wants to hear.

Commercial vs. Residential

You may be asking, “well, what about the other side of real estate?” a.k.a. the commercial side. If this is your market, then you are also in luck!

Commercial developments make it even more important to cater directly to your clients. These clients are making much larger investments. The client will want to feel extra secure in their purchase. Whether a property is distinctly meant to be a specific type of company, or it is a blank slate, it is essential to be able to portray this to the client.

Commercial Real Estate Renderings

If it is a specific purchaser, say for a coffee shop, they will be intrigued to see how the business would be perceived by people passing on the street or how the flow will occur during busy hours. All of these ideas can be portrayed by a 3D rendering.

Real estate renderings can also transform a space. Our previous clients have had blank slates, but needed them transformed into a new light. After they presented the renderings to their investors, they were able to secure funding for the project.

As you can see below, our past client started with a dormant factory building, but imagined it as a modern co-working space. We were able to help showcase her idea in a photorealistic way. These commercial renderings helped her potential clients see that it could be a space that they could truly invest in.

Whether you are on the residential or commercial side of real estate, it is important that your clients trust you. Another great aspect of 3D rendering is that it helps build your integrity and trust with clients. 3D real-estate renderings are great tools as they show you precisely what you are getting. How is this possible?

A Rendering Service You Can Trust

At Masitects, we take the exact dimensions and layout given to us and portray it in a photorealistic way. This process is helpful as the client is never disappointed with what they are getting. It is perfectly portrayed the first time, as opposed to a photo that may be deceptive.

Residential Real Estate Renderings

We specialize in ensuring that our clients are delighted with our products. This way, they too can feel confident in what they are presenting.

Reach out to a representative today to help you with a free quote on your next project that may need a 3D real-estate rendering. You can do so by clicking the button below, or call us at 984-439-2007.


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