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Architectural Animation: 2022 Ultimate Guide

Architectural animation, once restricted to the entertainment genre, is finally changing how we view real estate and architectural designs. This architectural visualization technique revolutionizes how the visual appearances of buildings and structures are presented.

Architectural animation helps provide movie-like visualizations of architectural designs.

In this brief guide, we’ll beam the spotlight on what architectural animation is and what it isn’t. We’ll also highlight the essential benefits of architectural animation services and their application in architecture, real estate, and interior design.

Now, shall we?

What is Architectural animation?

Architectural animation involves the creation of 3D animation models using computer-aided design and drafting (CAD) software. Unlike an architectural rendering, where single images of the proposed designs are generated, architectural animation combines hundreds or thousands of still images to form movie-like visualizations.

These animations help provide visualizations of the design property in space over time. It is used for interior walkthroughs as well as landscape and environment visualization. Other external elements such as moving people, vehicles, and more can also be added to an architectural animation for greater realism.

Applications of architectural visualization

Architectural animation used to be restricted to the entertainment genre.

Today, its use and application have extended far and wide beyond just entertainment. Architectural animation services are currently deployed in several sectors that include;

Architectural design

Architects and builders now leverage architectural animations to provide drawings and movie-like visualizations of proposed designs of single residential homes, apartment complexes, offices, hotels, hospitals, schools, theaters, shopping malls, and just about any real estate project.

Landscape design

Landscapers can also engage architectural animation services when working on lawns, sports arenas, parks, etc. Architectural visualizations make it easier to visualize ideas and communicate these design ideas to clients with natural plant materials, moving people, shadows, colors, textures. Not only will clients get an immersive viewing experience of the design space, but it also makes it easier to fine-tune to their optimal tastes, even before a shovel touches the ground.

Interior design

Because architectural animations make designs come alive, they are an excellent fit for visualizing interior design projects from homes to offices, malls, stores, hotels, restaurants, and more. These animations allow high-end clients to explore and experience the space fully of what an interior designer has created before investing the expense it takes to make it become a reality.

Architectural animations also help the client communicate to the interior designer and vice versa about adjustments in materials, textures, or even furniture placement.

Seven (7) Key Benefits of Architectural Animation Services

Whether you’re an architect, a builder, real estate developer, realtor, interior designer, landscape designer, or connected to real estate in any way, the benefits of architectural animation services are immense.

Including architectural visualization in your property designs portfolio will go a long way to increase the designs’ reality quotient. This, in turn, is guaranteed to help boost attractiveness, desirability, and salability. That said, below are some of the most essential benefits of architectural animation;

Architectural animations give vivid clarity and detail to your construction project presentations.

Architectural animations help enhance your project’s visualizations with realistic animated models. With architectural walkthroughs, aerial view renderings, floor plans, virtual tours, and more, architectural visualizations make it a lot easier to showcase your project to clients and investors whether as an architect, interior designer, landscape designer, real estate developer, etc.

Easy accessibility, use, and sharing

Architectural visualizations take accessibility and sharing to a whole new level. Since you’re working with a computer-generated model rather than a physical drawing, sharing the design across teams and with the right people is a lot easier.

Whether they’re made in MPEG or other video file formats, embedded in presentations, uploaded on social media, or the company website to make it accessible to potential customers, the flexibility of sharing and accessing architectural animations is almost unlimited.

Architectural animations give greater flexibility for finetuning and design adjustments

Whether they are prospective clients or real estate investors, your audience can constantly critique the design’s exterior and interior components or request specific changes and modifications.

And because architectural animations can easily be finetuned and adjusted easily without the need for extensive re-drawings, the process is not only faster but also much more cost-effective. Any errors can always be corrected quickly and design changes can always be implemented before actual construction - before they can cause problems.

Better insights on project scale and scope

Lighting, spacing, height, depth, and other design elements can be easily assessed and tested. Not only does the vividness of an architectural animation make it easier to experience the space, but it can also provide insight as far as the scale and scope of the project are both concerned.

Better visualization for customers and clients

It’s easy for engineers and architects to understand the different angles and degrees of specific design aspects. For the layman, deciphering these might not be that easy. Explaining some of these aspects of the design can almost seem like an impossible task. An architectural visualization of the project becomes much easier since the audience is getting a visual representation of the design.

Architectural visualization gives superior marketing and promotional advantages.

Remember that saying that a picture is worth a thousand words?

Perhaps a video is worth more? Most definitely!

Architectural animation services will help supercharge your marketing and promotional efforts with realistic models that are much more appealing and relatable to customers, clients, or investors. It is a known fact that a moving GIF or video is more appealing to the eye than a static image.

In the current age of marketing, we all know that the first few seconds are crucial to capture a potential prospect's eye. This can be done well with a well-designed image or rendering, except when taken side by side with an architectural animation, the animation will take a potential customer's focus every time.

Improved cost-effectiveness

Architectural animations are everything that hand sketches and conventional blueprint drawings are not. They provide better visualizations, make it easier to detect flaws, as well as make it even much easier to correct these design flaws before construction.

You won’t be doomed to discovering major flaws midway into the construction that could cause severe delays and significant financial losses. Design loopholes can always be easily detected early on and corrected quickly. Architectural animations are a more effective way to save time and money - two things every business wants more of.


Architectural animations help architects, builders, developers, marketers, and their clients, get a walk-through of the design in the form of a realistic motion picture - video. As important as these services can be, great architectural animation professionals are few and far between. This is a conundrum since the quality of the animation will be directly influenced by the quality of the professionals behind it.

However, if you think your business would benefit from highly engaging, attractive, and persuasive architectural animations, our professionals at Masitects will be more than happy to help. You can request a free quote here or contact us for more inquiries on how we can bring value to your design projects.

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