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Top Benefits of An Interior Design Rendering Used as a Communication Tool

Interior design rendering has many benefits to the design industry. One of the most helpful benefits that many overlook is it being an amazing communication tool.

Ever hear from a client, “I am still not understanding what your vision is”. Or, “I can’t visualize what your sketch or moodboard is showing”.

Or maybe your scheduling to many design meetings to have your client agree on something? If so, you are not alone, and if not, I am sure you will run into multiple clients in the future.

Interior design rendering can help communicate to your clients, contractors, other designers, and even architects. There is nothing more frustrating then having a perfect design and no one can visualize the final outcome.

Interior design rendering

Is an Interior Design Rendering More Important Than My Sketches?

The simple answer to this question is no. Your sketches and even moodboards are extremely important in certain parts of design.

Color, and material samples are somewhat helpful too, but they don’t illustrate the full picture. As we all know a certain material might feel different in a smaller space or a larger space.

An interior design rendering can easily allow not only the designer but also the customer to feel the space. More than any moodboards, sketches or samples could ever do.

Now I’m not saying sketches are not important because they are. I still use them daily for all my projects. If this was true, it would be like buying furniture before the layout of the room was complete. Not a great design structure.

Sketches and moodboards are perfect for early on conceptual design. An interior design rendering is perfect for when you are close to that 70% competition phase to really amaze your clientele. Also, great to help sell that 100% design document too!

Talking with Contractors and Construction Personnel

This topic is hit or miss for some of us. But if you are in the interior design industry and you work along side contractors this might be for you.

Interior design rendering

Being able to communicate your physical design to contractors can sometimes be difficult with sketches and samples alone. If your client can visualize your vision, then your contractor can as well because of the renderings.

I can also guarantee the construction of your vision will go smoothly as well.

Imagine your latest project was to design a post modern kitchen. Less most of the time means more with this type of design. Even though there is “less”, the details such as the lines of the casework aligning with tile work.

The back splash to be simple to fit the design but to stand out with perfect execution. The proper location of drawer handles, light fixtures, counter tops etc, are easily seen through an interior design rendering.

Simply relaying this info with a material takeoff with light fixtures, hardware and furniture just simply is not enough. This won't convey your vision to a construction worker.

An interior design rendering can be the answer to prevent this from happening during construction.

Another point I want to bring up; in the small chance that something does go unplanned during construction, and your client comes to you saying something is off and blames you, the interior design rendering you have will be proof to keep the blame off you.

In some sense the final rendering can very easily be able to keep you out of legal problems.

Okay I Am Intrigued. But My Expertise Is In Design And Not An Interior Design Rendering.

This is a common issue most designers run into. We have massive desire to design and also make our customers as happy and impressed as possible. But, as technology develops and improves your clients see your competition using interior design rendering services.

They ask why your company doesn’t have this type of service.

The last thing you want to answer is saying, “I don’t know how too…”. That would be a simple loss of a customer and project.

I do have good news and two options to prevent this major problem from happening or occurring.

One option is there are so many free tutorials just on youtube alone you can easily learn it yourself. Downside to this is that it can take up to 3+ years to master what other companies are already producing.

Trial and error, and learning all the tips and tricks to a perfect shadow can be daunting. This also takes you away from your passion, which is design.

Not to mention, software like 3Dsmax is not cheap. You usually will have to buy a subscription for a rendering engine as well. There is also a chance you'll need to pay for a high-end material library, too. The list goes on and on…

The other straight forward option is to outsource your renderings to have an interior design rendering complete. I don’t always recommend this option though because most companies are from overseas or don’t have a design background. Unless you have a translator, you might what to think twice before using this option.

Interior design rendering

So What Do I Do If I Need An Interior Design Rendering?

Good new is, despite the two other options you still can get your renderings for your projects. All you would need to do is find and select an architectural rendering services company that can speak your language. Because they are in this industry, they know a thing or two about an interior design rendering.

The better news is you don’t even need search for one. Masitects has years of experience working with interior designers and completing hundreds of successful rendering projects. To even further the good news, when you contact about an interior design rendering, mention this blog; we will gladly give you 20% off your first final project quote!

Even if it is one, two, five or ten interior design renderings we will be glad to help discount your transition into the future of design and help you improve your clienteles experience.

Although, the vast changes in the design world are quickly adjusting and changing it doesn’t have to be a scary change. Knowing that you and your company can adapt while partnering up with an architectural rendering studio such as Masitects, you have nothing to fear.


Author: Travis Masters

CEO & Founder of Masitects



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