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Top emerging Interior Design Trends to watch out for in 2022

Interiors are taking center stage in 2022 as most people are spending more time at home. Designers and architects are increasingly becoming aware of their responsibility to improve the clients’ overall well-being.

Nowadays, you will usually find designers and architects searching for the best design solutions to transform your home. The trends governing interior design shape how people style and decorate their homes.

From textures to colors, there are various trends designers should consider. It is common to find residential rendering services provided by skilled architects nowadays. With residential and 3D interior rendering, you can now transform the overall décor of your home. So here are some top interior designing trends you should know.

The Advent of Biophilic Designs

Nowadays, people are keener to regain their connection to the natural world. That’s why most homeowners are opting for biophilic design principles to transform their spaces. In other words, households will leverage designing calming and serene environments inside their house with stunning interiors.

Many elements are involved in biophilic designs, from natural lighting to developing a visual connection. Biophilic techniques also aim to integrate nature into architecture to improve overall well-being. A large majority of interior designers and architects are deploying biophilic designs based on their clients’ demands.

The popularity of Colored Concrete

Interior designing trends are pretty much about integrating personality while adhering to minimalism. And this is where concrete plays a crucial role. It is a popular trend among designers and architects to use colored concrete to create the desired effects. Usually, architects use colored concrete on the exterior extensions, bathrooms, and kitchens.

Integration of Arches

Arches are typical of conventional architecture. But thanks to architects, arches are now staging a comeback in contemporary buildings. Arches evolve with interior design projects, from curved doorways to rounded windows. Impressively, arches are a new way to add curves and more organic shapes inside homes and other structures.

Travel-Inspired Motifs

Everyone wants to take a trip around the world and preserve precious memories. Nowadays, you can adorn the interiors of your home with travel-inspired motifs. However, if you have a quest for escapism, opt for travel-inspired motifs.

Undoubtedly, they are a worthy addition to your home’s interior décor. However, what’s exciting about these vibrant designs is that they are becoming prevalent. Nowadays, people are even decorating their living room walls with travel-inspired motifs.

Evolution of Colorful Bathrooms

Bathrooms have also started to embrace color daringly and elegantly. But, in most cases, homeowners didn’t pay much attention to the colors of their bathrooms.

But modern-day homeowners are increasingly showing an inclination toward making their bathroom funkier. That’s why architects and designers are redefining the décor of the bathrooms. For instance, they use colors like golden yellow, navy blue, etc., to make bathrooms bolder.

Living Areas and their Evolution

In interior design, there has been a constant evolution of living areas. Thanks to modern-day designers, the living spaces are becoming more fluid and open. As a result, innovative ideas like incorporating curtains and mobile panels are becoming popular.

Furthermore, designers rely on the latest software platforms to access 3D rendering of the interiors. Hence, there has been a steady evolution in the living areas of contemporary homes.

Interior design trends are becoming prevalent with the evolving preferences of homeowners. As an architect, it is essential to use the right platforms to cater to the needs of modern homeowners. These are a few trends that will govern interior design in 2022. There are other trends too which the designers should consider.


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