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3D Interior Renderings And How They Are Best Used

3D interior renderings are visualizations that capture how an interior space will look. Some of the benefits of 3D interior renderings include visualizing the design, the layout of a space, and of course, for marketing purposes.

Styles in a Home

Nowadays, there are so many different styles that you can design a space with. It is important to pick a style to design with so that there is consistency and a flow. Styles include, but are not limited to: modern, traditional, farmhouse, bohemian (boho), eclectic, post-modern, contemporary, minimalist, mid-century modern, etc. And that does not include mixing styles, which opens up many more styles (ex: modern farmhouse).

With so many different styles to choose from, this can feel like a daunting task to pick for your home. It can help to team up with a rendering firm to help finalize your design ideas. At Masitects, we take your idea or mood board and put that into a photorealistic rendering. This will allow you to be sure that it is the style you would like to go through with. 3D interior renderings help to visualize a style with such detail, that a stand-alone mood board will not be able to capture.

3D Interior Renderings | Layouts


One of the best tools that 3D interior renderings can be used for, is to help visualize the layout of a space. This can be applied to the entire building or floor to help visualize the flow from room to room and how the spaces will be connected to one another.

The layout can completely change the way everything flows within a floor plan. Creating a functional layout digitally first, allows us to ensure that the space is capable of its intended purpose. This also allows the designers to identify any potential challenges and changes before continuing into the building phase.

Small Areas

Layouts can also be used on the smaller scale of things, such as how a room will look. In a home or commercial building, there are multiple types of rooms, obviously. 3D interior renderings can help the designer and customer get a good idea of the size of the space and if the furniture works within the space. This is very important as furniture curates a space and shapes the style.

For example, if an intended couch does not fit in the space, you may need to look for a different couch. Hopefully, it has the same style as the first. It may even be the case that another piece of furniture fits better, but may change the style of the space. This is why it is crucial to figure out these details before physically moving pieces into the space.


Another important feature of a room is the lighting. This is extremely relevant in how a space will look and feel. There are two different types of lighting in a space: artificial lighting and natural light. While a drawing or mood board may show how the physical light fixture will look, there are some limitations. It will not be able to show how the lighting will affect the color of the walls or the color of the furniture. It also cannot show the amount of light during different times of the day.

In a 3D interior rendering, we can display how the space will look in all different types of lighting. This includes how the space will look at 8 am in the bright light versus at 3 pm in the afternoon sun. Lighting also appears differently at night when only artificial lighting is on.

Who Can Use 3D Interior Renderings

Multiple professions utilize 3D interior renderings for their business. This includes real estate agents, interior designers, business owners, and many others.

Real Estate Agents

Real estate agents always need to be creative with how to sell a house or commercial property. Sometimes, it gets difficult to sell a space due to a few reasons. One may be that the space is empty, making it difficult for customers to visualize how the space can be best utilized. 3D interior renderings can allow you to digitally imagine the space in a new light and with new furniture.

Another reason may be that it is not currently being used to its full capacity. For example, a house may be from the 1940s and may have a kitchen or bathroom that would be better suited in another room. With 3D interior renderings, we are able to move furniture and even rooms. This will show the client the potential the building has, at a minimal cost.

Now, one of the best ways that real estate agents can use 3D interior renderings is by using them for their marketing materials. Whether you are new on the block or have been selling properties for years, you may not have access to homes that show exactly what you want to display. A 3D interior rendering can do exactly that, which will help you get customers through the door.

Interior Designers

Interior designers also use 3D interior renderings often to help showcase their design to the client. Often, the designer can sketch out a general idea and use mood boards. This is to help give the client a good idea of what the newly imagined space will look like.

While mood boards are great at providing a theme or concept, they do not show what the final product will look like put together. Most times, interior designers cannot provide a photorealistic image of how the materials and furniture will look completed in the space.

If you are an interior designer, you know that it takes your clients a lot of trust to begin work on a design. An easier way to gain that trust would be to provide them with a 100% clear idea of your proposal. This can be done with 3D interior renderings. This way, the client has something tangible to hold onto while putting their full trust in you.


Many of our clients have been the owner of the establishment themselves. This can include entrepreneurs such as owners of hotels, restaurants, office/ co-working spaces, athletic facilities, etc. It takes a lot of guts to begin a new establishment, as well as a lot of investment.

One of the best ways to invest in your new establishment is by marketing. While you can go out and spread the word, pictures are also worth 1000 words. Our past clients have used our 3D interior renderings to market their new space to their customers, and have never regretted it.

See a Google testimonial below:

"We were in need of a few 3D photo realistic layouts of our new gym to be able to market to our future members. Was a bit worried since my past experience with another rendering company was sub-par, but Travis (who I was communicating directly with) did a fantastic job getting our needs met.

Most importantly, our members were truly in shock to find out these images were not real photos! They thought the gym was already completed! Will be coming back for any additions we end up making."

Partner with us

There are so many reasons why 3D interior renderings are beneficial. Call us today to discuss how our renderings can help you with your project!


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