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Architecture Firms Need to Offer Rendering Services | Help Your Firm Stand Out in 2023

There are many services that architects offer to their clients, which is important for getting customers and retaining them. Whether a firm works more in the residential or commercial field, there are specific services that are offered. This varies from site planning, to getting city approval, to actually creating the architectural documents. However, there is one service that only the top 10% of architectural firms offer. This one service is architectural renderings. Here are five reasons why architectural firms benefit from offering rendering services.

1. Show it Off!

No matter what type of service or product is offered, clients love knowing that they can trust a company and what they deliver. Typically, the first thing a client does is research the company extensively. Clients look into the company’s process and tend to look at reviews from other past clients. This gives the client a good idea about how the company works and whether they can be trusted with their business. It is hard for people to put their trust in a company if there are no examples of what they have done in the past.

So how can you ensure your clients that you will deliver amazing results within architecture? One way is to give them a list of past projects you have worked on. This way, they can physically go to the buildings and see your work. However, they may feel their project is unique and only have a few transferable ideas. This is where renderings can be helpful. Renderings give the architect an opportunity to show off their previous and ongoing projects. Architecture firms can offer the client rendering services to help them visualize how the build will look in a realistic way, which will instill more confidence in the client.

2. Visualization Before Construction

One of the most frustrating things that a new homeowner or new business owner may go through, is waiting for the new build to be completed. Many clients are just itching to see what it will look like with all the materials in place. Yes, they get to see the plans and elevations in the official architectural documents, but this can be extremely hard to visualize as someone without a degree in architecture.

With exterior rendering services, the customer can also get an idea of what the new build will look like even before the final construction documents are done. This can also help to finalize any details or design decisions that need to be made, such as brick or siding color, placement of cornice brackets, or the number of columns. Deciding on these factors confidently before construction can also save clients thousands of dollars!

3. You Can Offer More Than the Other Guys

Clients who are looking for an architecture firm to work with typically look for a one-stop shop. Nothing is more annoying than when you have to get step one done at one place, step two at another, and step three with another company! This is why it is important to have a wide variety of services available to your client so that they do not need to go anywhere else. A simple additional service that can be offered to your clients, which you may guess, is architectural rendering services.

However, you may be thinking, that is no easy feat. It is not something that can just be mastered overnight. It also requires a lot of time, training, quality control, and software. The most efficient way to accomplish this is to have trained professionals take on this task.

This is where Masitects Architectural Rendering Studio comes in. We have highly skilled CGI artists on our team that will work hard to deliver amazing results in a timely fashion. With our workflow, we are able to partner as an extension of your team, rather than feeling like you are contracting out.

Masitects is a local North Carolina company that takes the time to make sure your project is our main priority. There are no language barriers as you may have with a rendering artist overseas, and we value streamlined communication and quick turnarounds. Call us today to see how we can help you offer this amazing service, alongside your original services, to your clients.

Masitects Architectural Rendering

4. Marketing is Always Important!

Marketing Your Own Business

In any business, marketing is vital to sustaining your business. Whether that is having advertisements around town, speaking to people at events, or sending print materials to someone’s mailbox, it’s important to get in front of your customers in some way.

People are driven by the delivery of amazing results and new ideas. The best way to advertise your architecture firm is by showing the community that you have delivered amazing buildings already, but also have great futuristic ideas as well. For these futuristic concepts, you can count on architectural renderings to do just this.

Helping Your Clients Market Their Projects

Oftentimes, architects are working with homeowners. However, architects often also have clients that need their own marketing done as they are also a business. This is a great selling point to your clients as they can get renderings to help sell their new business idea or location.

For instance, say a new coffee shop is going in downtown, but it looks like an old building currently. This may be difficult for city-goers to visualize. However, as an architect, while completing the plans, you can offer your client renderings as a marketing plan for their own company. This way, they can use the renderings to excite potential clients about the new coffee shop.

5. Finishing Touches

Finally, one last facet to recognize with renderings, is that it gives your architectural projects more value. It is essentially the icing on the cake, giving your project a “finalized look.” If you can show every step of the process, it shows that you are well-versed in the processes and value completeness. The best way to accomplish this is by showing this process on your website or in person at the office.

For example, you can show the following steps with illustrations to help walk your client through your process.

  • Step 1: The client has an idea and has purchased the land

  • Step 2: The architecture firm helps with the site plans to get the project approved

  • Step 3: The architecture firm creates and completes all design documents

  • Step 4: Once design documents are approved, the architecture firm completes the construction documents

  • Step 5: Construction begins with approval

  • Step 6: Rendering services are offered to help finalize the details, and the client can start marketing

  • Step 7: The building is built

With illustrations, this can be extremely helpful to clients. This will ensure the client, that you know what you are doing. It also helps to break it down into smaller, more digestible steps. This will help them feel more confident, eased, and excited about the renderings!

Let Us Be a Part of YOUR Team!

If rendering services sound like it would be beneficial for you to offer your clients, then leave it to us! We would love to partner with your architecture firm to help deliver exceptional results to your client.

Our process is as smooth as butter. Call us today at 984-439-2007 to connect with us and see how we can benefit you and your firm!

Contact Masitects Architectural Rendering Studio


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