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Product Rendering is the Future and Needs to be a Part of Your Marketing Plan

Another type of rendering that many do not even know exists, is a product rendering. Many different professions use product renderings for various reasons. First, the product is 3d modeled and is then rendered to look like the real deal with a specific software. This process is useful with products such as pieces of furniture, new technology, food and beverages, futuristic cars, and much more.

Why Do I Need A Product Rendering?

There are multiple reasons as to why a company may need a product rendering. Whether you are trying to increase sales, or are exploring new designs, a product rendering is boundless and unlimited.

A product rendering allows you to change the color, the material, or multiple design elements with just a few clicks. It also allows a company or inventor to test run a design of the new product before manufacturing. And if it does not turn out to be what they think, it is very simple to change a few aspects rather than starting all over.

It also can help to show details that may not be apparent to the naked eye. For instance, a company may want to show the inside of how something works (like the gears inside an engine), or how something was built (such as the materials used in a mattress). This would not be possible with a camera lens, but is definitely doable with a rendering.

Another profession that uses product renderings are interior designers. it is important to display how a specific piece of furniture looks up close and how it will work in the space. Interior designers not only use product renderings, but interior renderings as well. Read more here to see how this is helpful in this profession.

How Can Product Rendering Increase Sales?

A product rendering is great for products that are incomplete. This could mean that the product is in the preliminary idea or designing phase, such as a futuristic car. But it could also be something like the next generation of a new iPhone or Beats headphones, but are still needing the finishing touches.

Now, say the manufacturer is behind, which delays the release of the product- what do you do? When a product is backlogged on schedule, it can be a great idea to get a product rendering to increase the hype and need for the product before the release of the product. This in turn, will also increase sales because there will be a higher awareness and need, thus creating more demand.

It can also show your customers what is possible with the product, rather than being confined by their own ideas. Customers love when a product is versatile and offers endless opportunities. Sometimes that may not be possible to showcase with just a photo. However, this is absolutely possible with a product rendering. The rendering will be able to show the product’s versatility, creativeness, and endlessness. THAT is what gets consumers to buy your product!

A Product Rendering Can Help With Budgeting

When designing a product, there are multiple steps, especially when developing a prototype. Creating and designing the first of its kind can take a very long time. However, you can save a lot of money by rendering the product digitally rather than using materials for every new design concept. A product rendering allows the inventor to see what may be a design flaw before introducing the physical materials.

Once the product is complete, marketing is an important next step in order to drive sales. One of the most influential ways to do this is with marketing. However, with marketing, there is always a budget. Some budgets will be larger than others, but many budgets tend to be limited. But, you guessed it…a product rendering can help greatly when you have budget constraints.

Shooting the Scene

Think about how much it may cost to get a photoshoot done for a product. This can cost anywhere from a few hundred to thousands of dollars. This is because there are multiple people involved, multiple sets, and many ideas going around.

But with a rendering, there is great flexibility in how to display a product. We have complete control of the scenes, lighting, and how many variations. It is much easier to change all of the effects quickly and for much cheaper. For instance, with just a few clicks, we are able to change the background from a flat color, to an outdoor scene, or can move the product to be on a table. We can change the products colors to blue and gray, to a shiny metallic, to a mix of the rainbow.

Now here is something else to think about when you only have a photoshoot. What happens if in the original photoshoot, they did not catch a particular angle you now think you would like? Unfortunately, you cannot go back and reshoot, or it may cost even more money. With a product rendering, we would be able to quickly change the camera angle and give you what you needed. There is extreme flexibility and no constraints when you are rendering a product and its scene.

Product Renderings Help With the Unthinkable

Another reason you may need a product rendering is that your product is not physically buildable. Maybe you are selling the future, like a spaceship that houses thousands of people. Or perhaps, your scene is not an actual place, or is unattainable within your budget: somewhere halfway across the world or even in the sky!

For example, one of our customers builds furniture, but wanted to display it in a place that did not even exist- the building was just a concept! In the real world, this would pose an issue, as they would need to build a large, fake set to display their idea. Without it, they would not be showing the newly imagined purpose of the furniture. However, they came to us with the ideas and we delivered a rendering that displayed their new line of furniture that would be released in a few weeks. The possibilities are endless with rendering.

The Time is Now!

Nowadays, marketing is changing every two seconds and it can be difficult to keep up with the trends. However, a product rendering can help you stay ahead of the game and ahead of everyone else.

Overall, product renderings are extremely helpful in the marketing world. They help to achieve the unthinkable and there are no limitations. They also help to save you money and time.

If all of this sounds like a treat to you, Masitects would love to work with you to get your first product rendering. We are extremely flexible and can help bring your ideas to life in a creative and realistic-looking way.

Get a quote today to see how we will fit into your marketing budget!


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