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Architectural Rendering Services Checklist

The biggest problem I hear from companies that are searching for architectural rendering services is, "Can we trust someone from outside the US?" Usually, the driving force behind this decision is due to budget constraints. Renderers outside of the US tend to be more affordable, but that can come at a different type of cost.

There is nothing wrong with cheap, but we highly recommend a company here in the US and here is why.

Architectural Rendering Services

Where Are They Located?

Most rendering companies not in the US, will state that their dialogue is top notch. However, this is not what we have discovered in the past. Firms may be able to communicate, but usually use an automatic translator.

Having said that, translations do not always convert properly and may cause communication issues down the road. There will be lost context, assumed end design, and lack of insight. All of this will lead to a disliked final product. This also has an impact on how you will communicate. If a design concept needs to be discussed more in detail, this will be out of the question. Talking over the phone will now be impossible as there is most likely no "live translation" available.

When searching for Architectural Rendering Services, always pick a company in the US.

The worst thing you could do is portray your company with displeasing end products and dissatisfied clients. As Architects and Designers, nobody wants that...

What Is Their Background?

Another factor to check when searching, is to see if they have an architectural and/or design background. You want to avoid explaining your thoughts and ideas to a rendering company that knows nothing about building design and factors. For example, there is so much that goes into a building façade: not only how it looks from the street, but how tall the door frame is, how many window panes there are, how to create buttresses, etc. If they do not have an architectural understanding, they will have a very difficult time understanding the flow and emotions of architecture.

There is nothing more frustrating than a poorly delivered rendering. Being able to communicate to another architect or designer in your field is crucial to conveying information and ideas. This creates a drastic improvement during the final work.

Architectural Rendering Services

What Services Do They Offer?

When researching a rendering company, it is also important to know what services they offer and what their portfolio consists of. For instance, a rendering firm may offer interior and exterior renderings, but may only be good at one of those services. Or, it may be the fact that their portfolio only consists of residential renderings. This would not be beneficial for a company looking for commercial renderings, as they have completely different processes and finesse.

So make sure when you are doing your research, to find a well-rounded company that specializes in the renderings you are looking for.

Do They Offer A Free Quote?

Finally, as you research a company to help with your Architectural Rendering Services, always ask for a free quote; some companies will charge for this. When they charge, this shows complete distrust in their own work. This can also show they are just in it for the money, and not in it for the passion.

A quote allows clarity and for you to budget the quote into your client's price.

The good news is, there is a one stop shop that covers all these topics if you are searching for Architectural Rendering Services. Masitects’ team of experts are all from the US and all have background and knowledge in multiple fields: Architecture, Interior Design, as well as Product Design.

Lastly, Masitects offers a free custom quote. When receiving your quote from Masitects use “Masi1” to receive 20% off your first project. Therefore, there is nothing for you to lose. Choose Masitects as your Architectural Rendering Service today, to receive an optimal experience that you will not regret for your company or your clients.


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