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Business Investing 101: An Office Rendering is the Best New Marketing Tool

What is an Office Rendering?

Quite simply to answer this question, an office rendering is a rendered model of an office space and is essentially an interior rendering. However, there are many different ways this can be done. It also can be completed with varying styles and composed of contrasting details. Whether the office space is for a large company with hundreds of employees, or is for a small local company with 2-5 employees, an office rendering can help visualize the space.

An office rendering is different from other types of renderings such as single family home renderings or living room renderings. This is because there is a completely different goal in mind, as it is a work space rather than a living space. An office rendering is a commercial rendering, as it also contains different types of materials than a residential rendering does. For instance, an office rendering will have materials such as office chairs, desks, commercial lighting, technology, cubicles or open spaces, and even co-working areas.

Other Features to Consider

Another large feature that highlights an office rendering is the breakroom or other amenities. This includes spaces such as fitness areas, lounges, private meeting rooms, dining options, and much more. These are extremely important to showcase as they show to employees that a company cares about their well-being. It also says that the office can be more than just “work”, which helps to increase employee morale and work satisfaction.

Something clients always wonder about, is how much they can customize the rendering. The truth is that an office rendering can be extremely customized and fabricated with all of the details the client has in mind. For instance, if a client wants Dell monitors in the rendering with exact screen sizes, this is possible as it is a rendering rather than a photoshopped picture.

Or, the client would be able to ask for specific chairs and desks from a particular company, as the furniture is important for curating a space. This type of specificity is also very helpful for the client to allow them to adjust any part of their design before construction and actually buying all of the furniture. This can save the client a lot of time and money.

Why Businesses are Investing in Office Renderings

When someone starts a business, one of the most important things to consider is how they are going to market themselves. In order to market an idea, you need to have a concept and the tools to sell it. Now there are many tools out there, but the seller has to be sure that it will work flawlessly. A tool that many businesses are gravitating towards are architectural renderings.

No matter what area of business you are in, an office rendering is sure to impress your clients. Imagine you are a large tech company moving into a new city. However, there is push back from the city council and they would like you to present to the community. Once the community approves, the board will consider your move. This probably sounds a little intimidating, but this happens all the time!

Now think as a citizen, what you would want to know. You would probably be curious as to how the company would impact not only the economy, but the people of the city and the surrounding city (and other buildings). With such a tall order, it would be extremely important to be able to show the people what the office would look like and how it will be beneficial. As they say, “a picture speaks a thousand words”.

Pitching Your Idea

Another facet that an office rendering can help with, is that it will make pitching an absolute success. Pitching your idea or concept is probably one of the most intimidating parts of a job, or maybe the most thrilling. However, it is only exciting if you are fully confident that your clients will understand and love the idea. Therefore, this is one of the best ways to showcase a concept. The even better part, is that if you are crunched for time, you can also pitch an idea that is either complete, or maybe only partial. That is the beauty of a rendering, as it allows you to show the full potential before completion.

Marketing and Advertising

And to make the pitch even better, the office rendering can double as a marketing and advertising tool as well. Multiple professions use these renderings in their marketing tools and use it to “seal the deal”. For example, real estate agents use renderings all the time to sell and market houses that may not be completely finished yet.

No matter the business, there are endless opportunities to introduce a rendering into your marketing plan.

Office Rendering Styles

As stated, there are so many styles when it comes to creating an office space. There are large office buildings composed of multiple floors, to small co-working spaces composed of a few suites. No matter how big or small, it is important to choose what type of style the office spaces will be. Will it be modern? Or more traditional? This all depends on what goal you have in mind and what type of atmosphere you would like to create.

Traditional Spaces

When people think of office spaces, they usually think of a traditional office building. These types of office spaces tend to be more laid back with neutral colors and traditional cubicles or work spaces. This is to help encourage calmness and open ideas. In this type of rendering, we would use more whites, beiges, and fluorescent lighting. The textures tend to be more rigid looking or “plasticy”. While this is the most common, it has a very different feel than other office spaces.

Modern Spaces

However, another style that office buildings are now leaning towards, is a modern style. A modern office space tends to have a design that is curated with straight lines and bright contrasting colors. This helps to brighten the space and influence new thinking. In an office rendering, we are easily able to do this as we have a limitless color palette to work with and have access to a full library of modern furniture.

A modern office space also has multiple types of spaces. This means that while there may be some traditional cubicles, there are mostly open co-working spaces with fun amenities.

Office Rendering Layout

As we have been alluding to, there is still so much more to consider with an office rendering. Besides style, another important feature to think about with an office space, is the layout. The layout and flow is extremely important as it dictates workflow and functionality of the office. As mentioned with some above topics, the layout depends on many things.

Factors that will influence an office layout are what types of work stations there are, how many office spaces a company needs, what types of areas there are, etc. No matter the layout, an office rendering provides the ability to play around with as many ideas as you have. We can start with 10 individual offices, a co-working space, and a conference room. However, we can easily change it into three large areas with open seating and two conference rooms. The possibilities are endless; identifying and designing has never been easier with an office rendering.

How Do I Get Started with My Office Rendering?

To get started, all you have to do is contact us today. Even if you do not have the full idea in mind, we can help get you started. We have years of experience working with other businesses and love helping other companies grow to their full potential. Also, there is no full commitment in the beginning.

As a business ourselves, we want to make sure you feel confident in who you are working with and the service you will be receiving. We provide a FREE quote for your project and will walk you through every step. You can request a free quote here to get started.


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